WRITTEN BY D K VASAL—वासल देवेन्द्र
They walked, walked, walked and walked.
The life seemed short, the road seemed long.
I saw them fighting every inch.
Beating distance, fighting thirst ,
putting hunger to clinch.
The old one tired, the young one thirsty, the little one hungry.
The sun was tired and set for all.
For them- the day was long , the night did not fall.
Now I wonder what you are.
Cruel to poor and kind to all.
Where were those twinkle twinkle little stars,
The moon looked shark and dark were stars.
I fail to understand how GOD is wise.
Vasal Devender dares to challenge , don’t please lie,
All round money , they don’t have a pie.
May be late but now I realize,
Sun has two colours black and white,
So is moon- gives rich a light and poor a bite
Let me know how God is wise
Watching them all , we sympathise.
If you are a GOD and ready to hear,
Help them, help them, wipe off their tears,
I bow, I bow , again and again,
Help them, help them , before their tears become rain.
I pray I pray I pray again,
Ok, I believe that you are a GOD,
Let my prayers, not go in vain.


Published by Vasaldevenderpoetry

The Blogger D. K. Vasal ( Devender Kumar Vasal) is a renowned Lawyer. He was a Head of legal for STANDARD CHARTERED BANK India & other territories. General legal counsel for VEDANTA plc. A Senior partner in DSKlegal , one of the largest law firms. DK ( as populary known ) was a Chairman of ISSAGRO ASIA LTD. DK is a board of director on many companies. The Blogger वासल देवेन्द्र, vasaldk, DK Vasal, (DK) , is also a flautist. He learnt playing flute at the age of 60+ and now gives stage performances. वासल देवेन्द्र is also a poet and writes poems both in English and Hindi and many of them have been published in Magzines. His recent poem अक्षर ढाई has become very popular. At the age of 64 he ran 2 half marathons ( 21 KILOMETRES) one on October 4, 2020 (@ 6.33 and another on November 29, 2020. He is converting whole of Bhagvad Gita into poetry. The work is in progress and half of that has been completed. Contact detail , blog: vasaldk.blogspot.com Website : dkvasal.com Email : vasaldevenderpoetry@gmail.com Mobile: +919820347326

5 thoughts on “MIGRANT POOR SOULS

  1. The poem flowing directly from the heart of the poet is capable of evoking human empathy for hapless farmers facing endless hardships!


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