Written by D K Vasal…वासल देवेन्द्र

Each case has two certain sides,
One is wrong and other is right,
People are good and people are bad
This is true in every walk of life.

Some give balm and some give pain,
Talk is more for crazy Dons,
Let us talk more about worthy sons .
We are responsible for not paying heed,
Bad becomes popular ,good gets eclipsed.

A lot of noise about senior citizen homes,
Bad sons are cursed in every single home,
Why remember always some bad scars,
Don’t close your eyes, to sons who are stars.
Vasal Devender appeals to each & all,
Shower our blessings to all those
Just forget all who are bad scars,
Glorify sons who are super stars.

History has given us one Sharavan Kumar,
These bright sons are,
eternal Sharavan kumars.
Forget and forgive all bad scars,
Glorify, Glorify, all noble stars.

Published by Vasaldevenderpoetry

The Blogger D. K. Vasal ( Devender Kumar Vasal) is a renowned Lawyer. He was a Head of legal for STANDARD CHARTERED BANK India & other territories. General legal counsel for VEDANTA plc. A Senior partner in DSKlegal , one of the largest law firms. DK ( as populary known ) was a Chairman of ISSAGRO ASIA LTD. DK is a board of director on many companies. The Blogger वासल देवेन्द्र, vasaldk, DK Vasal, (DK) , is also a flautist. He learnt playing flute at the age of 60+ and now gives stage performances. वासल देवेन्द्र is also a poet and writes poems both in English and Hindi and many of them have been published in Magzines. His recent poem अक्षर ढाई has become very popular. At the age of 64 he ran 2 half marathons ( 21 KILOMETRES) one on October 4, 2020 (@ 6.33 and another on November 29, 2020. He is converting whole of Bhagvad Gita into poetry. The work is in progress and half of that has been completed. Contact detail , blog: Website : Email : Mobile: +919820347326

4 thoughts on “CARING SONS

  1. Let us hope the hidden message contained in this nicely composed poem inspires all sons to follow footsteps of श्रवण कुमार and सुब्बु to deserve for abundant blessings of God available to them in the form of their parents!


  2. My Big salute to these Shravan Kumars. Blessings of GOD n their Parents are always with them. Appeal to those who don’t care of their aged parents should not forget , history is always repeated.
    Request to them to become Sharvan Kumars and take Blessings from them.
    Parents are like GOD .If you are there , bcoz of them only.


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